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Close-up magic – defying science? October 26, 2006

Posted by genchan in General, Magic, Video.

Have you ever sat in a train and look at a poster on the wall showing a bottle of green tea and wondered what if the tea would popped out as real?  

If it was, it would have defied science and all the things we learnt in school. But it is real!!.. well at least magically real.

Have you heard of this guy – Cyril Takayama? He’s even listed in Wikipedia. I came to know about him via a TV program. I have to say I am impressed with his new-age magic.

I mean all of us have watched magic performances from a far. Locking someone in a box and inserting long swords across is old magic. Its an illusion. But what if you get to watch the magic close-up right under your nose that will leave you looking all confused? His favorite words are “don’t think, just feel”.

Its magic, no doubt, but a new-age type that makes those staged-illusions look small. What’s unique is that there are no special props to carry around. He uses simple everyday items found around us and bring to reality what would only be our wildest dream.

Enjoy (*make sure your Windows Media Player is open before clicking the links):
Cyril magic 1
Cyril magic 2
Cyril magic 3
Cyril magic 4