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Flushing out mistakes in movies December 23, 2006

Posted by genchan in General, Movie, Video, You Tube.
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Practically all of us are into movies. Most, if not all, have watched those interesting block busters either in cinemas or in the comfort of our homes. They are so indispensable to our leisure life as we take breaks between our hectic schedules.

Yet, how many of us actually noticed the mistakes found in the movies we watch? I am not referring to those NG shots, the many retakes before the director finally gives an OK sign or some of those shots shown as a token at the end of a movie as some of you might be aware from Jackie Chan’s films.

Its those final releases that hit the box offices. The ones that you would think have gone through rigorous editing and properly spiced up with CGs. If you look closely, you will be amazed by the many errors you can find. Have you noticed in one of the Bond movies that in one shot Bond has a tie on but the next shot shows him without it? This kind of mistakes are so subtle that they could easily be missed by our naked eyes.

Obviously, we are not configured to look at those tiny details, less so in those big-screen cinemas where we have to roll our eyes in all directions to cover as many images as we can while listening attentively, not to mention some blank moments in betweens for snoozing off.

Below is an example of some of the mistakes found in movies. For more examples, visit Movie Mistakes.