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Irrelevant funny feedback for a lecturer February 4, 2007

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For those of us who have attended university lectures are required to give our evaluation of the lectures we attend including the competency of the lecturer and his/her teaching style.

For those who have received feedback from students would know how their teaching has or has not benefited the students they taught.

However, not much of us know what the others wrote unless the lecturer him/herself is prepared to share it with the class. So, here is one lecturer (probably of Indian descent) from Singapore’s NTU sharing his evaluation with his students in this interesting video below. You will have a good laugh, so enjoy. I know I did 🙂

The early part of the video is not relevant. Try to start off at 02:00 mins onwards.


Japanese government’s Internet TV December 30, 2006

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Few people are aware that the government of Japan actually has an online Internet TV – here. I found it interesting and thought I blog about it.

 The site, managed by the Cabinet Office, is in Japanese, so a Japanese software allowing you to access Japanese sites would be needed. However, there is one channel in English called “COOL JAPAN” (61ch). This is the only English channel that allow viewers to view reports and stories in English. A wide spectrum of issues are covered here ranging from reports on the recently concluded 14th APEC meeting in Hanoi to North Korean abduction issue to the use of rescue robots. Not only related to government activities, the channel also carry stories on Japanese society and culture by government supported magazines such as JAPAN+ and The Japan Journal.

The remaining 12 channels are all in Japanese. 3 channels are on the activities of the current prime minister, 2 channels on the Chief Cabinet Secretary and Ministers, 4 channels on ministerial related policies/issues, 1 channel on the progress/development of regions in Japan, 1 channel showcases images of Japan and 1 channel on weather related news. However, if you search under “Genre” (ジャンル), you will find a section on CM (commercial message) that publicize advertisements on various issues such as bullying which has become a national problem due to suicide cases of school children.

Far from being a propagandist site, it provides a load of information on Japan’s political, economic and social situations from a government perspective. Updated from time to time, its worth a visit if you have not done so yet.

Flushing out mistakes in movies December 23, 2006

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Practically all of us are into movies. Most, if not all, have watched those interesting block busters either in cinemas or in the comfort of our homes. They are so indispensable to our leisure life as we take breaks between our hectic schedules.

Yet, how many of us actually noticed the mistakes found in the movies we watch? I am not referring to those NG shots, the many retakes before the director finally gives an OK sign or some of those shots shown as a token at the end of a movie as some of you might be aware from Jackie Chan’s films.

Its those final releases that hit the box offices. The ones that you would think have gone through rigorous editing and properly spiced up with CGs. If you look closely, you will be amazed by the many errors you can find. Have you noticed in one of the Bond movies that in one shot Bond has a tie on but the next shot shows him without it? This kind of mistakes are so subtle that they could easily be missed by our naked eyes.

Obviously, we are not configured to look at those tiny details, less so in those big-screen cinemas where we have to roll our eyes in all directions to cover as many images as we can while listening attentively, not to mention some blank moments in betweens for snoozing off.

Below is an example of some of the mistakes found in movies. For more examples, visit Movie Mistakes.

Close-up magic – defying science? October 26, 2006

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Have you ever sat in a train and look at a poster on the wall showing a bottle of green tea and wondered what if the tea would popped out as real?  

If it was, it would have defied science and all the things we learnt in school. But it is real!!.. well at least magically real.

Have you heard of this guy – Cyril Takayama? He’s even listed in Wikipedia. I came to know about him via a TV program. I have to say I am impressed with his new-age magic.

I mean all of us have watched magic performances from a far. Locking someone in a box and inserting long swords across is old magic. Its an illusion. But what if you get to watch the magic close-up right under your nose that will leave you looking all confused? His favorite words are “don’t think, just feel”.

Its magic, no doubt, but a new-age type that makes those staged-illusions look small. What’s unique is that there are no special props to carry around. He uses simple everyday items found around us and bring to reality what would only be our wildest dream.

Enjoy (*make sure your Windows Media Player is open before clicking the links):
Cyril magic 1
Cyril magic 2
Cyril magic 3
Cyril magic 4